Deep Listening #5

You may think at first there is one vocalist. Nope, there are two! The first screamer you hear at 0:16 with the more lower, raunchy screams is Gus. And the second screamer at 0:20 with the more louder and higher mids is Michael Barr. I like the idea of having two vocalists because it adds more effect to their style and music.

Also, Michael Barr does the clean singing in this song. This band never really used clean vocals in their previous except two with a guest vocalist. I never knew it was Michael who sang it, but the band did confirmed it. I hear it a couple more times, and I kinda hear it better and know it’s Michael voice (I’ve seen some interviews with him).

Deep Listening #4

In the song, there is a lyric written “Now you’re buried underneath, gone but never forgotten, James Vahle”. That’s because the band dedicated to a close friend named “James Vahle”. James Vahle passed away tragically in an automobile accident on April 6, 2013. I’ve never lost a close friend before, but losing someone you love is the worst thing ever. While Volumes was on tour last spring/summer, they decided to write a new single entitled “Vahle” as a special tribute to their lost brother.


Guided Through Darkness (Blog #9)

The last band we played with tonight was the headliner, Guided Through Darkness. A metalcore/post-hardcore band from Cambridge, Ontario/Buffalo, New York. We played with these guys before and they are awesome. They’ve opened for big metal bands such as Reflections and My Ticket Home. They are influenced by bands such as Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying.

Check out their latest single, “These Once White Walls”, down below.


This is Identity (Blog #8)

The second band we played with tonight was called “This is Identity”, a 4 piece metal band from Cambridge/Kitchener/Guelph. Bringing their unique styles to their music they’ve come up with something that they’re proud of.

The band has influences from Black Sabbath to Pantera, from The Beatles to Miss May I, and from Nirvana to Slipknot. You can check out this live video of them playing below.