Podcast Assignment (Drum Corner feat. Jacqueline Cassell)

Here is my podcast assignment AKA the first episode of “Drum Corner”, hosted by myself and Josie Dubrick.

Featuring Jacqueline Cassell:


Deep Listening #8

The guitars and bass tunings for this song is Drop G# or Drop Ab. I know this because I learn songs by ear and I was familiar with different kinds of notes on the guitar and bass. The band uses this tuning for more of their recent songs, but a lot of their songs is tuned to Drop A. I’m not 100% if this the official tuning the band will use for their final mastered mix of the song, but I know it will still sound badass.

In conclusion, this has definitely been one of my favourite songs of 2013 because not just the music itself sounds good, but their lyrics were very heartfelt to dedicate their late friend. Also, I’m seeing their Toronto show on December 20th, so I’m excited I get to see them play live!