Vinyls (Audio World Blog)

What I noticed in the audio world is that people are still making vinyls. If anyone who’s reading this and don’t know what a vinyl is an analog sound disk to put on your record players back before cd players were invented. I thought that they didn’t make vinyls anymore because of our generation and that we mostly use our iPods/phones to listen to music, but big bands (ex. August Burns Red, blessthefall, Maroon 5) are making and selling Vinyls for their albums now. I like downloading music, and I personally like buying the physical cds as well. But I’m not interested in buying vinyls, mainly because a record player that my family has is an antique and is not used anymore. Maybe fans want to buy the vinyls as antiques or decoration of some kind. It was weird how people are still interested in making or buying vinyls, but it’s a good thing because the old generation is not gone and the vinyls are one of the first discs that you can listen at home.


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