Podcast Questions for Jacqueline Cassell

1. When did you start YouTube?
2. When did you start playing drums?
3. Is there a drummer that you look up to the most?
4. What’s your favourite genre of music?
5. Other instruments?
6. Other hobbies/interests?
7. Favourite band?
8. What was your first endorsement?
9. Was it hard getting started back in the day?
10. Do you have a band/projects lined up?
11. How old were when you played your first live show?
12. Is there anything you would change about today’s music scene?
13. Is there a drummer that you would like to collaborate with?
14. What was your most popular YouTube video?
15. Is it weird watching old covers and your new covers with the improvements you made?
16. Where’s the best place to practice drums?
17. First concert?
18. Have you ever upgraded your kit during your drumming career?
19. Have you consider doing a tour?
20. Any advice for future drummers?

Deeper Questions:

1. What inspired you to start YouTube? (for question 1)

2. Who/what inspired you to play drums? How old were you when you started playing drums? (for question 2)

3. Have or would you like to meet your inspiration? (for question 3)

4. What’s your favourite genre to play drums to? What’s your least favourite genre? (for question 4)

5. If you weren’t a drummer, what instrument would you wanna play full-time? (for question 5)

6. Which hobby/interest would you be doing if you weren’t in the music scene? (for question 6)

7. Favorite song by them? Have or would you like to see/play with them live? (for question 7)

8. What was your reaction to getting that endorsement? What other products would you like to be endorsed by? (for question 8)

9. Has anyone said you wouldn’t make it? And how would you overcome the negative feedback? (for question 9)

10. Would you join a band if you had the chance? Which big band would you like to play drums for if they didn’t have a drummer? (for question 10)

11. What was it like playing drums in front of an audience for the first time? (for question 11)

12. What are some pros and cons about the mainstream artists? (for question 12)

13. Would you two do a cover song or a project together? (for question 13)

14. How many views does it have? Would you consider it to be your favourite drum cover? (for question 14)

15. Is there a drum cover that you regret uploading and would like to redo? (for question 15)

16. Also, do you have an electronic kit that you can plug-in headphones and play without making noise? (for question 16)

17. Do you have a favourite memory from that show? (for question 17)

18. Did you make these changes regarding sound or you wanted to try something new? (for question 18)

19. What city/country would like to perform at? Would you consider coming to our college and play a couple songs for us? (for question 19)

20. Any last words? Where can people find your music online? (for question 20)


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