Crimzon Red – Like The Rain (Blog #3)

Crimzon Red – Like The Rain (Blog #3)

My band, Crimzon Red wrote this song in the summer of 2011. But there’s a little bit of a story of how the songwriting process went and how we named our debut EP, “Fragments”.

In June 2011 (final year of high school), my friend, Lauren, wrote a script called “Fragments” as our final exam for our tech production class. I was in charge of the audio. Anyways, the play was about a teenage girl who recently committed suicide after struggles with her family.. The play starts with the parents talking after the girl’s funeral, then the scene changes to the girl who got an acceptance letter from college (which unfortunately leads to an argument with her mother). The scene changes to the girl having an unnecessary argument with her younger sister about her sister wearing the girl’s favourite dress. Long story short, the play ends with the girl and her sister at age 6 or 7 running around the living room and having fun. The sister asks the girl to never leave her and they both pinky swear. Then they run to the window to watch a thunderstorm. That specific scene lead me to the idea or writing the clean intro riff to the song.

I think from Lauren’s way of writing that play, is that every story should at least have a happy ending. But the way that teens are ending their lives is not acceptable. So I presented the idea to my bandmates, told them the story, and we wrote the song from our perspective. We all have dealt with bullying, drug abuse, or family abuse. But we know that we’re all here for each other and that everyone should be happy, having fun, being with friends and not have any drama with each other.

We hope that this song inspires others and I’m proud of saying that this is my favourite song on this EP. And we decided to name our EP “Fragments” because we’re more focused on writing about life and struggles, but hoping to learn about them and how we can overcome them. And we thought that “Fragments” was the right word to describe this EP. It would be very appreciated if you guys can purchase this EP or download it for free.


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