Blindfolded Listening Assignment

So after class on Monday, I went home. Grabbed a bandana from my drawer, covered my eyes with the bandana, and then laid on my bed. During the 20 minutes of listening, for the most part it was dead silence. But after the first five minutes, I heard some birds chirping outside my basement window, and then heard the wind blow and leaves flying. I didn’t know what to expect during this listening test. I’m just glad I didn’t pass out of boredom.


One thought on “Blindfolded Listening Assignment

  1. Try it again but in a different place. Bus stop, mall, etc. If you were bored at 20 do 10 and if you do it again in your bedroom try listening even deeper. Like, can you hear your heart, your blood moving, noise that your ears make, your thoughts, what do they make you feel and does that make you hear things that are not there. There is always something deeper.

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