Tyler’s Listening Example (Sounds of Bugle)

The example in today’s class was called “Sounds of Bugle” from the movie “Spirit”. The song was sung by Bryan Adams, a Canadian musician/singer/songwriter. His vocals was loud, but loud enough to hear the other instruments. Other instruments I heard were drums, piano, violin, and double bass. The song sounded sad, based on the plot of the movie (the horse was about to give up and had no confidence). It was recorded at a studio. There was lots of reverb in the vocal track. I liked the track because it showed a lot of emotion. If you put yourself in the main character’s shoes, you can try to feel their situation as if it was your own. 


Blindfolded Listening Assignment (TAKE 2)

So I tried again with the listening assignment by heading over to Highland Hills terminal. I spent 15 minutes this time listening for sounds, and during that time I heard the following:

~ people chattering

~ cars honking

~ buses moving

~ wind

I felt I did a better try with this round, but still learned that listening for different sounds is the main key.

Intro to Audio #3

Yesterday’s class was great. I showed the class the listening example (Ryan Knorr – The Long Road). The class liked the song and the production wise, they thought the singer can bring down the s’s a little bit and use a real piano. Later on, we had our second quiz (which I personally thought I did a better job than the first quiz). Thirdly, we saw a presentation from a guy from the broadcast equipment room and told the rules and conditions for the equipment. We need to rent a Panasonic camera for our ten track audio assignment due for next class. And finally, we listened to some =of the classmates’ five track assignments and analysed them as a group.

Blindfolded Listening Assignment

So after class on Monday, I went home. Grabbed a bandana from my drawer, covered my eyes with the bandana, and then laid on my bed. During the 20 minutes of listening, for the most part it was dead silence. But after the first five minutes, I heard some birds chirping outside my basement window, and then heard the wind blow and leaves flying. I didn’t know what to expect during this listening test. I’m just glad I didn’t pass out of boredom.

My example (The Long Road by Ryan Knorr)

I decided to show the class my example which was Ryan Knorr’s The Long Road. I decided to show it because it has a great meaning behind it, but also has the high quality sound. He recorded this song at his home studio then had a producer do the mixing and mastering. The instrumentals used in this song were: guitar, piano, and male vocals (with harmonies). The song gives a little bit of a sad emotion to the listener. Some of the class said they loved the song, but some of them said that the singer should bring down the s’s a little bit, and also to use a real piano.